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Best Institutional Furniture For Facilitators & Students

December 2, 2022
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Institutional Furniture

Institutional furniture, in which you take furniture for school, college, play school, in today’s time, the institution also takes care of the convenience of the children, such as desk, bench or chair, all according to their convenience, and we understand this, so We have a solution for all your queries, meticulously executed by our skilled craftsmen and finishing of all furniture using modern techniques.

We have designed the chairs in the best way so that the student can concentrate physically, and mentally on his learning. Our furniture meets all the expectations of this century where a student can not only study but also feel safe, and we make it worthwhile.

Our Top Institutional Furniture

1)Student Desk

Student Desk

We have designed the desk for the convenience of the student, in which comfortable footrests have been made for the students to sit for long hours without putting pressure on the knees and back. Students have to sit for long periods of time to understand their problem we have made this desk or chair which provides back support and ensures that they remain fresh and active till the end of the course hour.

2) Kids Chair

Kids Chair

The furniture we have made for small children is very cute, it meets all the important parameters from the point of view of safety, its length and width are made by thinking of children of the same age, however, for children of different ages, you can get it made from us as per your requirement. In the kids’ chair table, we have understood the color very well, and have chosen such colors, seeing which children become happy and read with more interest, you can also make furniture according to your choice of colors and size.

3) Library Bookshelf

Library Bookshelf

The storage racks that we have made for the use of the library is very special, whenever the students go to the library, they come and shake the bookshelf to get the books out of the bookshelf, due to which sometimes they get hurt or collide with the bookshelf. They get injured even when they go. The Under Storage/Bookshelf product by VJ Interior has been designed in such a way that this complaint has been eliminated.

4) Institutional Chair

Institutional Chair

Today’s modern university desks are completely modular and can be assembled depending on your needs. We deliver your item in a box that comes with a directory with all required accessories and it doesn’t take much time to set up the entire product. Whenever you order furniture in bulk, we dispatch our installers who will ensure that your furniture is fully assembled and then returned.

5) Teacher Table

Teacher Table

We make takes care of not only the students but also the teachers, we designed the table in such a way that it has a drawer that can be used to keep paper files as well as pencil pens on the desk. There is also a provision for keeping stationery.

Reasons Why VJ Interior Institutional Furniture Is Best

  • The biggest USP of VJ Interior is its emphasis on creating smart modern furniture to prepare smart students for their future. The Classroom Desks by us hold a design patent and are ideal for future durability. Our designs were created keeping in mind the problems that institutions have been facing for a long time.
  • If you are thinking of buying furniture for your classroom for college or play school, there are many essential things you should pay attention to so that you can make sure that your students can do their work comfortably without any problem. Focusing on education, and at the same time, your classroom looks stylish & modern.
  • Whenever you choose a school desk, classroom bench, or library chair, keep in mind that it does not hurt the children, as the finishing of the common chair is sharp, whereas we take care of the fact that The finishing of the furniture should be excellent so that there is no harm to the children and the student and our team itself confirms this because it is a sensitive and delicate matter, we not only pay attention to the finishing while we also pay attention to the customized of the furniture.

Explore More!

  • Before buying furniture, see your classroom or wherever you are thinking of buying furniture, take its measurements properly and check how many students will be able to sit comfortably in the room, and how many tables and desks will be needed. The student room should neither be too full nor tight so that the child does not feel uncomfortable, often the biggest mistake is that we go to buy furniture and take furniture according to our own while it is not according to our classroom. Furniture should be taken according to the classroom.
  • Furniture Pvc Injection Molding by this technique we do the finishing of your furniture. In this process, we replaced the edge banding with injection-molded top or teak wood beading. Firstly, longevity furniture and often the most dangerous sharp edges, which cause harm to the students, have been avoided and now the complaints from the institutions have calmed down.
  • We manufacture a wide range of institutional furniture for your school or college — check them out today, and provide your students with the training and educational classroom experience they deserve. Our products are modular, sturdy, and long-lasting and some designs are exclusively designed by us.


VJ Interior can be one such treasure. An honest range of institutional and office furniture is available for sale, including furniture for laboratories, libraries, waiting areas, smart classrooms, etc. Our product range includes chairs, desks, storage solutions, book racks, filing cabinets, etc. You can place bulk/individual orders with us, and depending on your requirements, your products can be customized. We have an unlimited color option available. Why are you still waiting? View your favorite furniture on our site now.

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