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Buy Recliner Chairs Online at Best Price- Leather Recliner Chairs For Office


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VJ-2118 Enzo Mesh Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 9,446.00

VJ-2131 Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 10,646.00

VJ-2130 Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 10,646.00

VJ-2132 Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 12,050.00

VJ-2126 Waves Ergonomic Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 9,546.00

VJ-2122 Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 11,946.00

VJ-2120 Enzo Mesh Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 9,446.00

VJ-2121 Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 10,199.00

VJ-2116 Enzo Mesh Revolving Executive Chair

Rs 9,446.00

Recliners Chairs

Buy recliner chairs online in Delhi NCR, Check the list of available models & prices of recliner chairs. These chairs are designed with better straightening for your feet while working, gaming, or reading. Although sometimes, you think of squeezing in a power nap when your body asks, but with regular chairs it’s not possible. Thus, you need high-quality & comfortable recliner office chairs. These chairs provide a thick back & wide curved armrests that allow you to relax or relieve stress while working. These chairs are designed to offer complete support & comfort so that you can easily work for long hours in front of your system. This chair is designed to provide a combination of luxurious comfort & a high-performance style. It is equipped with a removal headrest pillow, lumbar support, cushion &  a reclining process to 90 to 170 degrees backward. It also builds with a footrest & puts back and sleeps like a bed when you are tired.  It has an adjustable armrest & seat height. Along with, 5 wheels that will make it easy to move anywhere.  These recliner chairs also offer the massage function, together with extreme comfort. Thus, you can enjoy the wonderful massage function even with a hard task. You would feel free to adjust the proper height of your desk & relax. It contains high-quality PU leather that offers easy cleaning & fading resistance. You can easily achieve a 3.3-inch seat height adjustment.  Now if you want to buy these recliner chairs, so you can choose VJinterior. VJinterior offers the best quality & most comfortable recliner chairs that have massage functions at the best prices. Here you will get long back seating chairs that provide full back support & footrest. Although the prices of recliners prices are very low and affordable. Let us choose the bulk of recliner chairs at a low cost.

Best quality recliner chairs for office

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair, then you might be surprised to see the bulk collection of reclining chairs for the office. VJinterior has a wide range of elegant & soft PU leather chairs. These chairs are made up of a heavy-duty nylon base with durable nylon casters. These chairs have a flexible reclining angle of 90 to 155 degrees with a secure locking system. These chairs are highly adjustable, have great lumbar support & comfortable at all angles. The reclining chair is top quality as well & more stylish. Even this chair has soft padding & a waterfall seat edge for less pressure. Here we use the right materials for maximum comfort & style. The synthetic leather also makes the computer chair incredibly strong & comfortable. Features of recliner chairs

  • Height & Backrest Adjustments
  • Ultimate Comfort with  Footrest & Massage
  • Ergonomic seating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free movement with swivel wheels
  • It supports up to 250 pounds
  • has lumbar support & headrest pillow.

Recliner chairs prices

We understand that when you are shopping for furniture, you need to know the price range. Various factors like construction, options, and upgrades affect the prices of a recliner. Here we will give an outline of approximate price ranges that you can expect for a recliner. You need to choose the right recliner for you. The prices of recliner chairs can vary from 16, 600 to 20,000. At VJinterior you will get low buying cost chairs that offer more support & comfort.

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