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Sitting on one particular chair all day is tiring and makes the employees irritable. It is one of the biggest causes of absence and chronic pains amongst the employees. But, selecting the right chair for the workstation can make a huge difference. It is necessary to make sure that the seats are comfortable and properly supported.

A leading brand of high-quality office chairs and Modular office furniture, designed to the highest ergonomic standards, VJ Interior is the manufacturer that stands for the design expertise & best comfort. And we are here to help you choose the most suitable workstation furniture.


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VJ-1534-Black Mesh High Back Padded Computer Chair

Rs 7,985.00


Rs 25,715.00

VJ-2300 Two Seater Linear Workstation

Rs 44,440.00

VJ-2298 Two Seater Workstation With Both Side Storage

Rs 55,865.00

VJ-2296 Two Seater Workstation with Keyboard & Both Side Storage

Rs 42,260.00

VJ-2294 Back to Back Cubicle Two Seater Workstation

Rs 55,770.00

VJ-2293 Two Seater Workstation With Storage

Rs 28,155.00

VJ-2292 Linear Two Seater Workstation

Rs 49,825.00

VJ-2291 Side by Side Two Seater Workstation

Rs 59,100.00

Getting Smart with Workstation Chairs

Our primary aim is “comfort” as we know that when you are comfortable, you are able to work more. We have designed our desk chairs especially to help you move and stretch while sitting down. They provide much-needed flexibility and support to the back without compromising on the looks. The key features of our workstation chair include; adjustable height/depth, spine friendliness, soft seat padding, armrest padding with power foam & support up to shoulders, strong metal frame, and various color options. Browse our website NOW; you will undoubtedly locate an appropriate choice from our collection.
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