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Auditorium Chairs For Sale In Delhi/Noida- Theater Seating Chairs For Public Venues


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VJ-1434-Auditorium Chair

Rs 15,425.00

Auditorium chairs

The auditorium is the place where we share our experience, work, learning & entertainment. Although here patrons will be seated for long hours. On using the normal chairs, you may experience discomfort with top complaints about theater. So you can use our auditorium chairs. These chairs are designed ergonomics seats by using pressure mapping technology to ensure optimal pressure distribution. Although these chairs offer the highest level of comfort & support. These seats are highly customizable, as they build up with planetarium seats, rocker backs & may design features.  It takes safety & testing vigorously. All the auditorium chairs are enclosed with pivot blocks to negate finger traps. These chairs enhanced durability. Although it can reduce strain on back & neck. You can adjust them in height. It has also an amply cushion that makes it more comfortable.  Now if you want to buy these auditorium chairs. Then you can choose VJinterior, which has a wide range of best quality auditorium chairs that have straight arms that provide more comfort while watching, or sharing experiences. Here you will get the best quality chairs at a low cost. Our Auditorium Chairs are made using superior quality raw material. Although it is more durable and offers effective performance.

Best quality auditorium chairs for sale

The auditorium chair is known as a theater/movie/cinema-based chair for two different mechanisms i.e., tip-up & push back. These chairs comprise leather, PU, metal, or wool material & filled with foam. These chairs are usually designed to fill up the auditorium space or to accommodate various events like concerts, performances, sporting events, graduations, and many more. Vj interior is a modular office furniture provider & manufacturer of high-quality auditorium chairs. At VJinterior, you will get the best quality material used auditorium chairs at a low cost. Even we provide the complete & standard warranty on these chairs. Our chairs reduce body pain and provide full back support. With our strong commitment, we manufacture, supply & export a wide range of high-quality materials used auditorium seating chairs.  These have great applications in different conference halls, schools & colleges auditoriums. Although these chairs have high tensile strength & study construction. Let us discuss more features of auditorium chairs.

Features of Auditorium chairs

Hidden Grouting bolts: These hidden grouting bolts allow convenience in installing the auditorium chairs without distributing the flooring. Even it contributes substantially to finish the space.  Durability: These chairs are completely tested in-house for high performance. It has some quality of fitting like hinges, descaled, structural components viz. The base of legs and panels. Special foam laminated fabric: Stretchable, knitted fabrics are used with foam bases that are stretched over them. It provides a high-quality finish. 

Auditorium Chair Prices

VJinterior is the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of a wide range of auditorium chairs. These chairs are highly demanded amongst our clients. They offer long last performance with cost-effective nature. Here you will get these chairs at very affordable rates. Generally, the auditorium chair prices can vary from Rs 14000 or above. But if you compare to other manufacturers, then you will find us more affordable.

Benefits of Auditorium chairs

Optimize Space: Auditorium seating can occupy all the space in the auditorium lecture theater by adding some rows. As these chairs have uniform height & depth. It can create bespoke seating specifically for a venue room to maximize capacity. Low maintenance: These chairs do not require high maintenance. Although the servicing is to b recommend after few years of buying. As it used high-quality seats, fabrics & tip up work. Cost-effective: We can say that auditorium seating is cost-effective with proper maintenance & regular servicing. Because its style requires a large budget than loose furniture. Thus, it results in less money spent on the venue.  Comfort: These auditorium seats have feature padding & comfortable fabrics, which makes them more comfortable. Since the auditorium requires seating for long hours. Thus our seats are more comfortable while sitting long hours. Also, they are more durable.

Reason to choose us

VJinterior is a leading office furniture manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of office furniture innovative products. Here you will find the best quality, best concepts of design, and more affordable & comfortable products.  All of this furniture is BFMA specified. Even you will get here a great collection of office chairs, tables, workstation chairs & many more at affordable prices. Contact us to get a more specific piece or product for your office that will directly enhance productivity.  
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