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VJ-521 The Soriente LB Workstation Chair Pink & Black

Rs 6,694.00

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The Soriente LB Workstation Chair Pink And Black is the new option for the Manager or CEO. The Executive HB chair comes with a tilt mechanism which allows you to lean back into the chair & also helps with stretching while sitting for long periods of time. You can adjust the recline of this office chair to your desired angle.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Soft Seat Padding
  • Push Back Design Structure
  • Full Back Support Upto The Head
  • Arm Rest-polypropylene
  • 5-prong / Leg Chair Base
  • 50 Mm Casters That Roll Easily
  • Bears Weight Upto 60 Kg.
  • Seating That Produces No Pressure On Knees
  • Preferably Anti-static
  • Make All Adjustments While Seated
  • Color Options Are Available On Colour Ability
  • Heavy-quality Polypropylene Base
  • Upholstery Material – Leatherette
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