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Best Office Chair For Back Pain In India

January 14, 2023
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Best Office Chair For Back Pain In India

Usually, people who are working sitting on a chair the whole day often have back pain problems. If you also have this problem then you need to know about the best office chair for back pain in India. Yes, this is very important to have a comfortable chair because uncomfortable chairs can create many problems. Such as lower back pain & other health issues. A long hour sitting job is one major cause of back pain problems.

To avoid all these issues, we should use an ergonomic chair because it’s designed according to body posture, and also these chairs are the best chairs for lower back pain. This type of chair provides extreme lower back support for those people who tend to lean forward when working & spent a lot of time on office chairs. Here in this article, we have specified a list of the best chairs to avoid back pain & giving you relaxation during the long sitting hours.

Top 6 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain In India

best office chair for back pain

These chairs are made with different kinds of materials like fabric, PU leather, and mixed leather. The most reliable company making these chairs that’s why these chairs are a little bit expensive for many people. Many good-quality ergonomic chairs are available in India that we discuss below:

1. Green Soul-Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

If you have an issue with back pain then no doubt it is an excellent ergonomic chair for your back pain. The green soul is the most reliable producer of chairs It makes an extremely comfortable chairs for lower back pain.

Most gamers are using this chair but you can also use it for your back pain. There’re are some features of this chair given below:

  • This chair is fully customizable you can lock your position easily.
  • Rotate your chair 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Wider Armrest with an ergonomic shape that can be adjustable in 3 dimensions. Height, Angle, and Forth-Back adjustment.
  • Removable/Adjustable headrest & lumbar pillow.
  • Providing comfort to your back when you work for long hours.
  • Maximum weight capacity: More than 100kg.
  • It comes with 3 years warranty and is made in India.

2. Wipro Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Home/Office Chair

It is a high-quality ergonomic chair in India we can use this chair for home and office work. The design of the chair not only reduces body pain but also gives more comfort with a stylish sitting design. If you are sitting on a chair the whole day and your body suffering from pain then it is the best office chair for your back pain.

Like other this chair also have many features which are given below:

  • Made by fabric and style of chair is mid-back which is very comfortable.
  • For extreme comfort, it gives cushion lumbar support.
  • Allows users to tilt even during resting their feet on the floor.
  • Fully customizable seat height and armrest.
  • Provide a wider seat (50cm) with a wider backrest (55cm).

3. Solimo Mid Back Mesh chair for back pain

The Solimo mid-back mesh office chair is more comfortable for those people who are doing long hours of office work. This chair comes with installation instructions means you can easily set up this chair. Its well-optimized design & structure make your sitting experience more awesome.

This chair’s seat is very comfortable, has good back support, smooth casters, and hydraulic movement of the seat. People with overweight can also choose this chair for back pain. Some features of this chair are given below:

  • Universal lumber support.
  • 45mm wider cushion for extra comfort.
  • Ergonomic build that is good for back pain.
  • Extensively tested.
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 150kg.
  • Good chair for daily use.
  • Easy adjustable and installation.

4. ErgoChair Recline

While office work we spend 7 to 8 hours with our laptops or personal computer. If our chair is not comfortable and flexible then it creates many problems like lower back pain & other unwanted pain in the body. So that we use ergonomic chairs and one of the best chairs for back pain is the Ergochair recline. If you feel back pain while working on pc then you have a proper reason to buy an Ergochair recline. This chair is more comfortable and extremely adjustable. It gives you full lumbar support even when your body posture is fully reclined. This chair has many features but some features are given below:

  • Recline
  • Arm Rest
  • Adjustable
  • Seat Cushion
  • Back Support
  • Wheels
  • Foot Rest
  • Head Rest

5. CELLBELL C52 High Back Home/Office Chair

This chair comes with a 1-year warranty with an explosion-proof tray. This is an expensive chair for many people that’s why they can’t afford it. This chair is a suitable match for both areas (home and office). It also uses a push-back mechanism that gives comfort to our body and is very helpful for back pain.

Some features of this chair are given below:

  • This chair has a soft cushion and self padded arms.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The maximum weight capacity for this chair is more than 100kg.
  • Ergonomic armrest.

6. Tezos Mesh Revolving Office Chair

Explore our range of cushioned High Back Mesh executive chairs with PP base & buy them at the best price in India from VJ Interior (leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of an office chair). These high back office executive chairs give superior lumbar support, a 360-degree swivel option, and a height adjustment facility. Some of them have waterfall front seat edges to ease the pressure from the lower legs and considerably improve circulation. A few more key feature of this back pain office chair,

  • Overall Chair Height 41″
  • Seat Height 17.5″
  • Seat Width 19″
  • Seat Depth 19″
  • Backrest Height 22.5″
  • Backrest Width 19″
  • Any Position Adjustable Backrest

How should I sit on the chair to avoid back pain?

Many people are able to decrease their back pain after our following advice but if your back pain is increasing day by day then you should go to your local doctor to check up.

Basically, our tips help to maintain the normal curve of the spine which helps you to decrease your lower back pain.

  • Only use ergonomic chairs.
  • Sit as you make feel comfortable.
  • If you sitting on the chair whole while working then between the work take a few breaks.
  • Sit with lumbar support such as an Orthopedic backrest cushion.
  • Use a footrest because your knees and hips should be at a right angle.

How lumbar support can decrease your lower back pain?

Lumbar support is always helpful for back pain because it provides enough support for the lower back. Basically, lumbar support fills the gap between the back and the seat which makes a good body posture and is helpful for back pain.

If your lower lumbar is damaged, then you will more pain and it can lead to paralyzing your body. So, it’s a required device for the lower back to do its job pain-free.


Our day-to-day working life mostly spends sitting on a chair even when we are doing work from home, that’s why our body suffers from lower back pain. An uncomfortable chair gives you more pain that’s why we should use an ergonomic chair. 

This type of chair is designed according to body comfort that gives us neck and lumbar support which is good for your back pain. Easy to portable, you can easily shift your chair from one side to another due to rollers and sturdy base.

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