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Best Office Chairs for Short People

May 29, 2023
Best Office Chairs for Short People

Short people always feel uncomfortable when they sit on a normal office or any regular chair due to their height adjustment. Most of the chairs are designed with high back support to make them more comfortable. But which chair is suitable for low height person & how to choose the best office chairs for a short person is a general query when we used to buy it. If you are facing the same query read this article to get a better understanding to buy chairs for below-average height people. Here we listed the well-optimized chairs for short-height persons. Also, these chairs make your sitting experience better no matter how long you doing the sitting job.

A short-height chair is an ideal sitting option for females below 5’3” & males less than 5’8” in height. This ergonomic chair is specially designed for back pain relief & aches. But most of the time due to the lack of knowledge it’s a little bit difficult to buy, its huge availability may also confuse you at the time of selecting chairs. So it’s important to consider all pros & cons before buying chairs for a petite person. Here check the points you need to know before buying the best chairs for short people.

Things to consider before buying chairs for a short person

Why your chair is so uncomfortable, basically it has many reasons but one of the major causes is your chair doesn’t provide lower back support that’s why they aren’t comfortable to sit on.

If you also suffer from this back pain problem then you should put a pillow on the back of the chair otherwise you can purchase an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair helps to make perfect body posture that’s helpful for back pain problems also. Here the below list will help you to understand the important things you need to know before selecting an office chair for a short person.


Generally, an office chair is adjustable between 18 to 22 but if you are short or petite then the chair height should be 18 and under. The seat height is not more important than the back height because you can adjust the seat according to your comfort.

Back Height:

Back height is more important than chair height. The back height shouldn’t be higher because it illustrates you are shorter. The chair should have a backrest and you are always able to tilt forward. A headrest or pillow gives comfort to your head if you want it then ok otherwise it is not important.


Having an armrest in an office chair for short people is very important because while working you can give rest to your arm. In an office, the chair armrest should be fully adjustable because in the future you can easily adjust the armrest according to your requirement.

Those people who work on a chair the whole day, very well know the importance of an armrest on a chair. Remember that thing armrest shouldn’t be hard because the hard armrest pinches your elbows which leads to cubital tunnel syndrome.

Lumbar Support:

If you have a back pain problem then on a chair having a lumbar can be very helpful for you. Lumbar support or back support gives comfort to your back that’s why your back feels relaxed.

Look for lumbar support for your chair that has adjustable depth. When you looking for a chair for your office you should these points to make your choice perfect.

Top 5 Best Office Chairs for Short Height People

I recommended you to check by above list when you are going to buy the best office chair for short people. These chairs are perfect chairs for smaller or short people. These chairs have all features that have in normal chairs. Whenever you going to buy a chair for a short person then the chair should have some features for example it has lower back support, a chair seat should be thick, an adjustable armrest and seat height, headrest or pillow is optional.

1. Mika office chair

mika office chair for short person

If you are a short person then this chair can prove your perfect choice. This is the best chair for your office and study work. Its design is also very attractive you can buy it in two colors red and white.

It gives plush comfort and is fully upholstered. It has a comfortable back that supports your head and back. Mika study chair is the perfect chair for this new-age workaholic. 

There are some features of this chair given below:

  • It works on a lock-tilt mechanism which means you can lock this chair at any angle. 
  • It looks like a racing car seat.
  • This chair is fully upholstered.
  • The seat height is fully adjustable.


Type Value
Room Type Home & Office
Recommended UseIndoor Only 
Color AvailableRed & White
Works OnLock-tilt Mechanism
MaterialNylon, PU Leather, Foam Cushion, Swivel
ManufacturerDescasa Home Decor Online Pvt Ltd
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 113 kilograms
Item Dimension68.6 x 76.2 x 110.2 (L x W x H) cm

2. Sunon Swivel office executive chair

executive chair for short person

In your perspective, comfort is more important in the chair than this chair is made for you. You can easily assemble this chair by yourself if you are facing any problems you can read the installation toolkit.

This chair is a fully ergonomic chair that provides you with more comfort than normal chairs. It is fully adjustable you can adjust this chair according to your need. This chair is durable and strong, it can hold a weight of up to 113 kilograms. 

Apart from many good features, it has also a bad feature for some people which is a fixed armrest. It comes with a fixed armrest you can’t adjust armrest height.

There are some features of this chair are given below:

  • Based on ergonomic design.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • You can use it for Home as well as Office.
  • It comes with a fixed armrest.
  • Adjustable and high-quality comfortable sponge seat.


Type Value
Room Type Office
Recommended UseOffice Only
Color AvailableBlack
FeatureErgonomic Chair
MaterialNylon, Leather, Wood, Faux, Metal
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 112 kilograms
Item Dimension66.5 x 62 x 96.3 (L x W x H) cm

3. OAKLY Faux Leather Moder Ergonomic Office Chair

leather moder ergonomic office chair

If you are a short person with a paunch then this chair may have very comfortable for you because its seat is very wide. You can easily sit on this chair with your paunch. 

OAKLY faux leather ergonomic chair gives perfect back support and you can also tilt up to 130 degrees. It has a wide and thick sponge seat which gives you comfort and you feel relaxed.

There are some features of this chair given below:

  • It has a double cushion seat which is more comfortable than other chairs.
  • It’s a strong chair it can hold a weight of up to 110 kilograms.
  • Fully adjustable, you can adjust its height as you want.
  • It is a truly ergonomic design chair that is good for your body posture.


Type Value
Room Type Office
Recommended UseOffice
CushionDouble Cushioned
Color AvailableBlack, Black Tan, Brown, Grey
FeatureTilt-Mechanism Leaver
MaterialFaux, Leather
ManufacturerFlair Furnishing
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 110 kilograms
Item Dimension40 x 40 x 40 (L x W x H) cm

4. SOS Spacewood Liteoffice Nexa Chair

spacewood liteoffice nexa chair

The design of the chair defines the real class of comfort. Many people like this chair because of its look. It has a very cute look because it is designed for short people. 

If your height is under 4 ft then this chair is perfect for you otherwise no. It has a mid-back and the seat height is adjustable. You can easily assemble this chair by yourself.

There are some features of this chair are given below:

  • It is a mid-back chair.
  • The armrest & seat height are fully adjustable.
  • You can assemble it by Yourself.
  • It has a polyurethane foam seat with black fabric.
  • It has a molded Nylon castor that can hold a weight of up to 100 kilograms.


Type Value
Room Type Office
Recommended UseOffice & Study
Color AvailableRed 
Chair TypeMid-Back Chair
MaterialNylon, polyurethane
Brand & ManufacturerSOS (Spacewood Office Solution Pvt Ltd)
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 100 kilograms
Item Dimension61 x 56.5 x 105.5 (L x W x H) cm

5. Savya Home Bristol Midback Executive Ergonomic Chair

midback executive ergonomic chair

Bristol’s premium chair with the best ergonomic design chair provides long-lasting comfort for the whole day. You know the ergonomic chair are designed according to body shape which helps to make our body posture perfect. 

If your height is less then you can choose this chair to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s made of the best quality material that’s why it looks very classy. It has a robust nylon base that makes it strong and durable.

Its nylon wheels help make it balanced and provide smooth movements. This chair has a T-type dual-tone armrest which makes it more attractive.

There are some features of this chair given below:

  • You can use this chair universally, It fits anywhere for example Home, office, Gaming, Study, Corporate Office.
  • It has the best ergonomic shape that makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Its heaviest base structure makes it more strong and more durable.
  • Its Nylon wheels make a smooth movement.
  • It has a T-type armrest that provides comfort to our arms.


Type Value
Room Type Home, Office, Living Room, Gaming, Corporate Office, Library
Recommended UseOffice & Gaming
Color AvailableBlack
Back TypeUpholstered Mid Back
Lock MechanismTilt Lock
MaterialNylon, Metal, Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
ManufacturerApex Industries, Delhi
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 110 kilograms
Item Dimension44 x 59.5 x 109 (L x W x H) cm

6. Waves Ergonomic Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Waves Ergonomic Leatherette Revolving Executive Chair

Explore our range of cushioned High Back Leatherette executive chairs with PP base & buy them at the best price in India from VJ Interior (leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of an office chair). These high back office executive chairs give superior lumbar support, a 360-degree swivel option, and a height adjustment facility. Some of them have waterfall front seat edges to ease the pressure from the lower legs and considerably improve circulation. A few other key features of this chair,

  • Overall Chair Height 46″
  • Seat Height 18″
  • Seat Width 18″
  • Seat Depth 18″
  • Backrest Height 27″
  • Backrest Width 20″
  • Any Position Adjustable Backrest


Used InOffice & Commercial space
Color OptionMulticolor
Chair TypeMid-Back Chair
CushionDouble Cushioned
Weight Capacity110 kg
MaterialFaux, Leather
FeatureErgonomic Chair
Works onLock-tilt Mechanism
Recommended UseIndoor only


If you are finding the best office chair for short people then remember that thing “Comfort is more important than style”. Some chairs are more stylish but they have little comfort don’t choose those chairs. I recommend you look for a comfortable chair which will be good for your work purpose.

If you are a short person and you want to buy an office chair then you can choose one of the above. In the above, I have provided some office chair lists for short people. And if you want to choose a chair by yourself then you should remember some points which are also I have discussed above. 

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