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VJ-2003-Diablo Gaming Chair with Any Position Locking in Black & Blue

3 Reviews

Rs 12,535.00

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Explore the best range of cushioned high-back leatherette gaming chairs with multiposition features & SS wheelbase. VJ Interior is the largest exporter & manufacturer of low-cost gaming chairs for sale in Delhi NCR. This high-back gaming chair gives superior lumbar support, a 360-degree swivel option & height adjustment facility. A few of them were also designed with the waterfall front seat edge to ease the pressure from the lower legs & considerably improve circulation.

We offer this brand-new high-back leatherette gaming Chair with a unique feature with an adjustable backrest for maximum comfort. We surety you will like this gaming. The better-density foam cushions give exceptional support and PU leather adds more style. The cushion pillows for the head and timber support provide the best support with a dual handling mechanism. You can easily recline or incline from 90 º to 135 º. 360-degree rotate options for effortless movability and height adjustments. Best for prolonged sitting for gaming. The Diablo Gaming Chair will surely provide a comfortable seating experience.

A good gaming chair also increases the entertainment value of your Gaming or Multimedia setup & if you are interested in streaming live videos, this one is best for you too. Because those people spend most of their time in front of screens. Our Diablo gaming chair comes with unique hardware & all the necessary tools. Diablo gaming chairs have commercial-grade factors, extremity supports up to 250lbs. To make it more comfortable we use breathable fabric that can feel relaxed to you.

Sculpted arms feel more comfortable all-day endorsed except for shoulders and upper body. Diablo gaming chair protected by breathable premium PU leather with freely adjustable timber support and a headrest pillow securing your spinal and neck. To make it more comfortable we use breathable fabric that can feel relaxed to you.

Key Details

  • Overall Chair Height  49″
  • Seat Height 18″
  • Seat Width 17″
  • Seat Depth 19″
  • Backrest Height 30″
  • Backrest Width 20″
  • Any Position Locking – Adjustable Backrest
  • Leatherette Material

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for VJ-2003-Diablo Gaming Chair with Any Position Locking in Black & Blue

  1. Jazz

    Love this product, I can easily adjust height and back of this chair according to my comfortable level. I purchased this product for my and for my husband use. We both can adjust as per our body structure .

  2. Kavita

    The overall product is good, easy to assemble, and give you lumbar support this chair has complete gaming features chair height is adjustable recommend you to buy this chair for gaming purpose and also if you are doing work from home.

  3. Akash

    I’ve used this chair for a month and must tell that it’s really comfy to sit on for long periods of time while playing games or doing office work. This chair has a cushioned pillow at the top where you may rest your head, and it also provides back support on the lower side. The overall quality of the chair is superb.

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