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VJ-519 The Fuente LB Workstation Chair Pink & Black

Rs 6,644.00

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The Fuente LB Workstation Chair Pink & Black is the new option for the Manager or CEO. The Executive HB chair comes with a Tilt Mechanism which allows you to lean back into the chair and also helps with stretching while sitting for long periods of time. You can adjust the recline of this office chair to your desired angle.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Soft Seat Padding
  • Push-back Design Structure
  • Full Back Support Upto The Head
  • Arm Rest-polypropylene
  • 5-prong / Leg Chair Base
  • 50 MM Casters That Roll Easily
  • Bears Weight Upto 60 Kg.
  • Seating That Produces No Pressure On Knees
  • Preferably Anti-static
  • Make All Adjustments While Seated
  • Color Options Are Available On The Colour Ability
  • Heavy-Quality Polypropylene Base
  • Upholstery Material – Leatherette
  • Push Back Mechanism
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