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Choose Upholstery fabric For Furniture: Complete Guide

April 17, 2019

As we know that when we are purchasing any furniture for our house we always take care of the fabric and material which are used, upholstery fabric play a very important role in the look of any furniture.

Sometime it will be a critical task to select the right fabric for furniture (living room or visitor chair). with so many fabric options, you have to choose just one which makes you confuse. Material not only effects on our sense of touch but also show that how we perceive a room. Choosing the right fabric according to your living room is the most important factor.

Here we are going to discuss some tips for choosing the fabric to your furniture.

Prevent Fading

You should have to check out the Sunbrella® fabrics. That is one of the best fabric for furniture. Upholstery, umbrella, and awning. It is obvious that all fabrics have a risk of sun damage. So, cotton and wool are great choices for protection from the powerful rays of the sun. you can also select the lighter colors inspite of the dark because dark fabrics fade faster than lighter.


Don’t forget the possibility of mold and mildew formation at the time of furniture and fabric shopping.  Suppose you have a cushion on your furniture and some water content get into foam inside through the fabric and water trapped into it and start causing mold, mildew and permanent damage. To avoid this kind of issue you will have to use a fabric on your cushion which will repel water rather than absorb. Like 303® Fabric Guard. It depends on your fabric choice for furniture. That how long your furniture will last.

Some common, upholstery fabrics are available in different variety of weights, colors, fibers, and treatment to ensure you o find the right fabric for your furniture. Here we are going to show you some of them

Italian Leather

Italian leather is the best option as upholstery fabric for furniture use they are ultra-durable and great for heavy use and lots of lounging. There is no need for extra care sometimes it happens that kids wipe their sticky chocolate hands everywhere, wine or drinks pour out on, to clean these things just use a damp towel and wipe it. This is also great in look and design  


Linen is a warm fabric and good for spending a special time of your life. this is resilient and long lasting. these fabric do not fade up over time and your furniture looks new for a long time.


Velvet fabric is good for your sofa and it can be a game changer for your living room, so you can choose this fabric if you are feeling bold. Use cotton velvet which is made from 85% cotton and 15% polyester and for a good look need little bit care. If you feel some wrinkles on the upper surface, use a steamer and brush gently in the opposite direction of the pile.  


Jacquard is simply considered as a heavier fabric. In this, some yarn dyed fibers are used which creates a pattern, texture, and style. this fabric is a good choice for furniture use and primarily moderate use.  


Chenille is an excellent upholstery fabric for home usage, mainly for heavy furniture use. it is very similar to velvet and has a cut pile which makes it abrasion resistance and comfort.  

Maine vinyl

Marine vinyl is the same as leather in look. it is weather resistant and harsh element. So, it is extremely durable and very easy to clean. you can easily clean it just with a wet towel.


Whenever you are buying furniture there are so many things to keep in mind and fabric is one of them. In the above discussion, we describe all fabrics which are good looking and durable.

Hope you like the article and keep these things in your mind whenever you are going to select fabric for furniture.   


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