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What Is PU Leather & How It’s Different From Other- Complete Guide

February 28, 2023
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PU leather or we can say polyurethane leather is a thermoplastic polymer-based artificial leather. This leather is simply manufactured by using a cover of polyurethane coating & applying it to the base made of fiber. This double-cast leather is obtained by combining PU leather with real leather. A base of divided real leather can also be used in double-cast leather. PU materials are highly durable and flexible. So mostly this quality leather is used in the construction and engineering industries. Because of their rich appearance, PU material bags and PU shoes have grown in popularity. PU leather is an artificial man-made leather that has been successfully established over the past few years. Here is full information provided on PU leather along with its advantages and disadvantages. That helps you to understand what is PU leather & the use of this quality material.

What is PU leather- An overview

PU leather is an artificial leather that is completely made of synthetic chemicals without involving any animals. They are also known as split leather or bi-cast leather. The coating on this leather is made of polyurethane. The polyurethane coating is done on vinyl leather to make them appear like real leather. PU leather is cheaper than genuine leather. The process of cleaning PU leather involves just a wet cloth. All these factors make them the first choice in synthetic leather. The general feel of polyurethane leather is similar to that of genuine leather, but it is lighter than the real one. The quality of PU leather makes them a highly demanding choice for office chairs, sofas & other furniture.

PU leather is a completely synthetic and vegan material. It is made by combining a variety of artificial chemicals. Vegan leathers look similar to original real leather, available in various shapes and qualities. It also has a smoother, more even grain, making cleaning easier. It was first used in the shoe industry, but it was later expanded to include the furniture industry. PU leather is a protective coating that saves them from possible wear and tear on the surface. Its quality and lifespan are improved by the protective coating. It also gives these fabrics a lustrous and glossy look making them appear expensive and flawless.

PU material is good or not

The above information about what is PU leather is not enough to understand the uses of this leather. Because most of the products come with various pros & cons. Here get a list of various benefits & cons of this PU leather.


1. Smooth PU leather is 100% vegan.

2. Premium quality PU materials are waterproof i.e they do not absorb water.

3. PU leather is easier to manufacture.

4. PU Leather’s price is less than genuine real leather.

5. High-quality PU leather can be easily styled for a variety of colors.

6. PU leather, unlike leather, does not dry out with time.

7. It uses fewer resources to manufacture.


1. Over time, PU-coated leather does not have the same luster as real leather.

2. Can have the odor of plastic or chemicals.

3. Sometimes, they look fake and artificial. PU leather quality is not as good as the real one. 

4. Unlike genuine real leather, it is not breathable.

5.  PU synthetic leather doesn’t last long as genuine leather.

6. PU artificial leather tears easily.

PU, like any other material, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for something vegan and in a variety of colors, PU leather is a good choice. Furthermore, it is a less expensive option than other materials.

What is the difference between PU and Faux Leather?

PU leather is a type of synthetic leather made from polyurethane that does not harm animals. They are made out of 100% vegan polyurethane leather. Animals are not used in the production of PU leather fabric because it is made of a plastic polymer. While faux leather is made with a fabric base of polyester. Faux leather is soft and long-lasting. They are also considered premium quality fabric due to their quality. They look exactly the same as real leather and have a texture of wax, PVC, or polyurethane. Some type of faux leather is made from natural leather whereas PU leather is purely vegan as it is made of only artificial materials.

PU leather vs PVC Leather

PVC is a thick and stiff material that is not durable. PU surface is durable and long-lasting but can be easily scratched and destroyed. 

1. Material used- PU material has better quality than PVC. PU has a polyurethane layer while PVC has a Polyvinyl chloride layer.

2. Manufacturing process- PU uses thicker material for the bottom while PVC uses thinner material.

Difference between PU leather and Leather

The differences between PU leather and real leather are listed below.

Cost: The cost of PU leather is significantly less than the cost of real leather. People are switching to PU material because it has a more classy appearance and is less expensive than real leather.

Durability: Pu leather cracking is a common phenomenon that makes them less durable. PU material is thin and bends and cracks over a period of life, unlike real leather.

Sunlight resistance: For couches, chairs, and motorcycle seats, PU leather is the best option. AS, it is resistant to sunlight, unlike real leather.

Maintenance and lifespan: PU leather is easier to maintain because it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Real leather, on the other hand, dries quickly and requires special care. Over time, animal leather becomes softer and more appealing. While the PU leather is never going to change.


PU leather is a vegan-friendly fabric made entirely of man-made materials. It has the same appearance as real animal leather but costs a reasonable price. They are used to make shoes, furniture, bags, belts, and jackets, among other things. It has a lustrous sheen and an extremely glossy appearance. There are a variety of colors and styles available to choose from. They are extremely long-lasting and simple to maintain. Some PU fabrics are designed to look like real leather. PU leather is a great choice if you are planning to buy artificial leather. They are made of a rough and tough material that has a classy appearance at a low cost. Also, they give a mind-blowing & attractive look to your office & workstation furniture.

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