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2020 Forecast: Top Modern Office Furniture Trends

November 12, 2019
Modern Office Furniture

In this modern era, modern offices are developing where you can work together in the workspace (a place where multiple offices exist) and the demand for developing modern office furniture designs are increasing in a rapid way.

In modern times your office is a place where you can do multiple tasks while working in the organisation(refreshment, video conferencing and many more).

If we are having the perfect size office than it must be well-designed with the perfect furniture and lighting of the office.

Although there is an increasing demand for furniture you can still find traditional wooden office desk with a basic height-adjustable office chair. There are more options available to outfit your corporate workspace or home office. Various factors, such as shared workspace, technological advances in desk design and alternating elements of nature in the office, will also affect the size of these new office furniture options.  

Looking forward to 2020, here are our predictions for top modern office furniture trends with there deep explanations.  

Casual Work Stations and Lounge Areas

Many leading companies, especially in the tech world are providing comfortable living rooms in their work area for their employees. Many furniture elements like Couches, lounge chairs, pillows etc. which provides the employee more comfortability and may feel like home. Because of which employees can do the work efficiently and in a faster way which helps in building good relationship building in the office workplace.

‘Smart’ Office Furniture

Once when there was a time when we are thinking of tech integration then home appliances are only to our reach but know new waves of tech integration are flooding everywhere with the power to transform the way we interact with our desk. These type of technologies helps in improving the efficiency & interior design of the workspace which benefits the company in the long run.

Now, a new wave of tech integration is flooding in the market, with the power of transformation in the way we interact with our desks, including.

  • Air charging ports for the mobile device.
  • Magnetic cable management equipment.
  • Under-desk mounted CPU holder.
  • Bluetooth-enabled standing desk controllers that connect to mobile apps
  • Tabletop-embedded ‘personal assistant’ touchscreens

This technological advancement is making it easier to integrate our digital lives with our desks.

The function of the Bluetooth-enabled standing desk and air charging port is to send information to your phone reminding you of the standings and popular standing desk models, even with an embedded touch screen in the tabletop, which serves as your ‘personal assistant’. These types of furniture may even charge your device cordlessly.

A private and productive workspace

There is a trend to eliminate the distraction of work a priority for many employers. And for the same dedicated conference room having large meeting tables are boon for those people who want to be free from all those noises. If employees work independently without any disturbance then it may increase employees work efficiency and also increase the production of the company.

Limiting distraction in individual workstations is accomplished through the addition of privacy panels. Privacy panels are easy to install and adjust -on nearly any desk. It comes in a wider variety of size, colour and more lightweight than the previous generation. Many products are made of sound damping materials that specifically eliminate distraction and increase productivity in open floor plan workspaces.

Shared office space furniture

Shared workspace is also known for large common area and lounges and it always looking for reception area furniture, table and desk. This allows you to leave your luggage overnight and return to the same desk the next day. It turns out, people love convenience as well as flexibility. We often include sleek, modern sofas and lounges in our common area and this space is meant to extinguish a casual vibe and emphasize comfort, which is another trend in office furniture itself.

Nature and Furniture Design

Some big companies like MICROSOFT, AMAZON and FLIPKART etc. have led the field by creating new workspaces that give the feel of the outdoor area and include natural elements like real wood furniture.

The best example is areas in the Amazon botanical workspace with seat aliases, which is essentially a greenhouse that contains more than 3000 species of plants and many of them endangered, as well as real wood furniture.

Adaptable office furniture for an adaptable space

One of the biggest modern office furniture trends in 2019 is adaptability. Most companies are constantly changing how they work, as they work and what layout is needed to optimize flexibility. It helps if you think for the future so make sure to reorder wall, partitions and furniture.

It is important to be prepared to adjust your furniture to match if the workflow and employees in your company change.

There are several ways to maintain a flexible office which are as follows:

  1. Open office arrangement with title solution and reconfigurable frame.
  2. Modern office table with a flip top that can be quickly set up for a meeting.


These trends include many products that are usable in office and home, as employees using this product feel very relaxed and overworked. Some products which are given below:

  1. Chair
  2. Desk
  3. Pannel
  4. Reception area furniture and etc.

That’s all our predictions for top modern office furniture trends. Thank you… 

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